Body Detailing

When I talk about bonded contamination I'm referring to tar, industrial fallout, tree sap, brake dust, bird limes, overspray, sunscreen handprints among other things which bond and eat into the clear coat finish of your car. Over time these contaminants, if left untreated not only dull the finish but could cause the early failure of your paint system. Removal of most contaminants is the bread and butter work of all detailers, but some contamination can take a little more skill to remove and may require compounding with a machine polisher. So don't delay when it comes to bonded contamination, the longer it stays on, the further it eats into the paint.

Interior Valeting

The interior is vacuumed to remove all dust and loose dirt before an Alcantara, suede and leather safe shampoo of all interior surfaces. A bio-active treatment is used on tough stains and odours. Leather is cleaned and conditioned. Interior glass is cleaned with Autoglym glass polish to insure streak free vision.

Dog Hair Removal

Dog hair removal from car interiors can be a task if you're not familiar with the process. Some interior fabrics just don't want to let go of the hairs and some dog hairs can penetrate deep into fabrics. I specialise in this process, and not only do I remove that hairs, but I'll carry out a full interior shampoo including a bio-active odour treatment to get any unpleasant odours out. An often overlooked area of doggie problems is the air conditioning system. I'll run a chemical sanitiser through this system as well to neutralise any odours.

Engine Bay Cleaning

A great service if you're looking to sell a vehicle privately and want all areas looking perfect. Standard on the Meticulous Valet or Full Detail services. Engines bays are cleaned and dressed. Please note some vehicle manufacturers will not honour warranties if engine bays are cleaned (Ferrari for example) this will be discussed prior to service.

Head Lamp Restoration

When the manufacturers protective layer fails on headlamps the suns UV rays will make them dull and cloudy. The performance of your headlamps will therefore suffer and you'll also risk an MOT failure. Restoration is straight forward. The lenses are first wet sanded to remove the failed layer of plastic before polishing them back to full clarity.

Snow Foam

A pre-wash stage. Snow foam is basically a detergent that clings to the vehicle to gently loosen up dirt. Meticulous.Guru uses various detergents depending on the level of traffic film on the vehicle and the type of service required. For example, if I'm carrying out a maintenance wash, or if the vehicle has been treated with a protective coating like LifeShine then I'll use a pH neutral snow foam.

Fabric Soft Top Cleaning

Mohair, double duck, fabric or canvas fabric hoods require regular cleaning to keep green algae at bay and retain the original colour of the fabric. Autoglym's Soft Top Clean & Protect kit contains everything you need to do this. If you require professional help in this application please contact me.


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