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A safe wash of the exterior. Full interior vacuum & shampoo. The door, boot and fuel shuts are cleaned. Tar removal. Light polish & wax of paintwork. Glass cleaned inside & out. Wheel rim faces are cleaned & waxed. Plastics & rubber dressed. Autoglym Rapid Ceramic finish applied to paintwork. FROM £90 small | £100 medium | £110 large.

Silver coloured car


In addition to SILVER. The engine bay is cleaned & dressed. Bio-active stain treatment & steam cleaning of the interior as required. Leather cleaned and conditioned. Iron fallout is removed from bodywork with Autoglym Liquid Clay. 1 stage light DA machine polish. All glass is polished. Autoglym UHD Wax application and sealed with Rapid Ceramic. Wheels waxed. FROM £140 small | £150 medium | £160 large

Gold coloured car


In addition to GOLD. Paintwork is surface detailed with clay bar to remove contaminants. The air conditioning is sanitized. Bio-active odour treatment of all fabrics if required. A 2-stage machine polish of the paintwork to remove swirls and minor scratches with rotary and DA. Wheels detailed; specialist wheel cleaner used for chromium & plated finishes. Results with lacquered wheels will vary depending on the condition of the lacquer.  Autoglym UHD 1-year ceramic coating is applied to the finish.

FROM £200 small | £220 medium | £250 large

Platinum coloured car

Interior Deep Clean

For problem interiors. Leather, suede & Alcantara safe shampoo of all interior fabrics and surfaces, including the roof liner, seat belts and boot fabrics. All plastics and interior trim are cleaned. Bio-active treatment of fabrics for stain removal and odour elimination. Leather conditioned. Air-con sanitiser application. Glass polished to remove all stubborn residues. All surfaces are dressed to the required finish (satin, gloss or matt.) FROM £90 small | £100 medium | £110 large 

Steam cleaning car interior

Machine Polishing

A 3-stage mechanical polish/compound of your paintwork to remove swirls and scratches. Heavy cut, medium cut and refinement polish for the ultimate showroom finish. I am now using Menzerna polishing compounds. Heavy cutting is carried out with the rotary polisher and finished with dual action polisher for a hologram and haze-free finish. FROM £140 small | £160 medium | £180 large 

Machine polisher on black sports car

Gtechniq Ceramics

In addition to the MACHINE POLISHING service (if required), Gtechniq Crystal Serum is applied to the paint offering five years of 9H hardness paint protection. 2 coats of Gtechniq EXOv4 hydrophobic topcoat are also applied. You can add Gtechniq Clearvision Smart Glass for £20+ and Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour for £40+. FROM £300 small | £350 medium | £400 large

Man applying ceramic coating to black car

Terms & conditions of services.

Updated Friday, 13th May 2022

My services are for cars and family SUVs only. Access to a private driveway, off-street private parking, or other private land is essential; services are not available on public roads or footpaths. Service is available throughout Northern Ireland. Working hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. All prices are listed as 'from'; the final price will depend on the vehicle's size, condition, and the hours required. I will confirm the actual cost before work. Payments are accepted from all major debit and credit cards. Cash payments accepted. Payments must be made at the time of service. Invoicing is only available for established commercial client contracts. Paper, email, or text message receipts are available. Payments securely handled by Squareup International Ltd. Services may require a deposit. Gtechniq ceramic coating services require a 50% deposit at booking. 

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