Machine Polishing

Machine polishing is the ultimate way to restore gloss to your paintwork. By applying a cutting compound with a machine polisher, I can remove swirl marks and minor scratches, restoring a deep gloss shine to your paintwork.

When it comes to restoring gloss, removing swirls and light scratches, nothing gets it done better than mechanical polishing. Unlike hand-applied polishes that mask and fill defects, machine polishing cuts the paint with an abrasive compound. This process removes light to medium defects and restores a permanent deep gloss finish.


To carry out this work safely, I use Autoglym Professional Rapid Renovator and Rapid Renovator Plus compounds. Both of these products are modern single-stage compounds that both cut and refine. What was once a long, tedious 3 stage polishing process has now been reduced to 1 stage, and for dark finishes, two stages, saving you time and money.

Machine Polishing from £140

Bonded contamination such as tar, iron fallout, and tree sap is firstly removed prior to mechanical polishing of the paintwork. 

This is an ideal first step prior to ceramic coating the vehicle.

Hands with daul action polisher. polishing on car surface. hand and foam pad in blur motio