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Machine polishing is the ultimate way to restore gloss to your paintwork. By applying a cutting compound with a machine polisher, I can remove swirl marks and minor scratches, restoring a deep gloss shine to your paintwork

When it comes to restoring gloss, removing swirls and light scratches, nothing gets it done better than mechanical polishing. Unlike hand-applied polishes that mask and fill defects, machine polishing cuts the paint with an abrasive compound. This process removes light to medium defects and restores a permanent deep gloss finish.

To carry out this work safely, I use Autoglym Professional Rapid Renovator and Rapid Renovator Plus compounds. Both of these products are modern single-stage compounds that both cut and refine. What was once a long, tedious 3 stage polishing process has now been reduced to 1 stage, and for dark finishes, two stages, saving you time and money. 

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