• Sean Gavigan

Industrial Fallout

I've been contacted recently by an industrial complex requiring a valet to clean and detail a fleet of vehicles; specifically dealing with an issue of industrial fallout. The problem at the complex was so severe that some employee’s vehicles were also suffering. The manager of the plant had asked me to put together a car cleaning schedule for his employee’s vehicles as a good will gesture from the company. There had already been a couple of re-sprays due to the industrial fallout.

It was during the initial proposals of this contract that some interesting fears were raised by his employees. They knew a professional valet had been contracted, they wished to avail of his services but they apparently had been bitten in the past by a poor detailing procedure that had damaged paintwork and stripped some expensive protective coatings from vehicles. The main fear was with clay barring. A very effective method of removing bonded contamination. However, it transpired that some employees had their vehicles clay barred in the past and in doing so their paintwork had been damaged, specifically around the wheel arches. No doubt the edges of the paintwork and I would hazard a guess – lack of lubricant and an aggressive technique.

I had put together a 10 step body detailing plan for each employee vehicle, tailored for the complex. The plan was to carry this out on each vehicle every quarter. The manager had asked me to put together an outline of the cleaning technique, in a hope to allay the fears of those who had suffered in the past, to what was obviously an amateur method of cleaning. I’ve basically just cut and pasted the information in the next paragraphs.

The Proposal; Imagine small sharp hot flakes of iron being attracted to your vehicle (essentially a magnet) and embedding themselves into the paintwork of the vehicle. If left untreated, these little flakes will corrode, and as iron corrodes it expands. This could have a long lasting and possibly irreversible effect on your vehicles paintwork finish.

The solution. A 10 step cleaning process of your vehicles paintwork including a modern protective polymer based sealant. The chosen product – Autoglym High Definition Wax.

Carried out on a quarterly basis, this full body care treatment will remove the fallout and enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but more importantly will protect your vehicles paintwork until a long term solution is put in place.

10 Steps to a Meticulously Cleaned Vehicle

  1. Wheels cleaned and protected.

  2. Bodywork pre-cleaned & a snow foam pre-wash.

  3. Shampoo and rinse.

  4. Fallout Removal using Liquid Clay bleeding fallout remover.

  5. Bodywork shampooed and rinsed.